Hello, I have compiled this list of different fun Sensory/Educational Activities you can do with your child (children) over the summer or anytime to help keep them active, learning and to help prevent summer regression.  I do Not take credit for any of these activities, I have learned them from books, therapists, teachers, and off the internet.  I simply have kept them around to use and do with my own child and now have organized/compiled them into this list!  These activities are not in any way meant as medical advice. They are just activities that you and your child may enjoy doing.   I have categorized them to make it easier to find the different types of skills you may be looking for.  Please keep in mind that a lot of these activities can be used at many different levels and for many different skills just adjust to what is appropriate for your child’s needs.

As always, you know your child best, but please use caution when doing these activities!