Ball Face - You will need - tennis ball, pen or marker, and something small like macaroni noodles or paperclips. SET UP: Take the tennis ball and cut a straight or slightly curved line into the ball.  Draw on eyes and a nose.  Give the ball to your child and have them feed the ball.  Use one hand to squeeze open the mouth and the other to feed him with!!

Clothes Pins – Write Letters onto the clothes pins and have your child spell out words while clipping them on paper (see how many words they can come up with). This activity can also be used with matching sight words, math add/subtract/multiplication/division/more/less/greater than/less than/equal/ place value etc… You can make it into a matching game by writing on the paper and clothes pins and then match them together! Use a Hanger to put the clothes pins onto!

Cutting - You will need - scissors, paper plates, glue, straws, old cards, newspapers and magazines. SET UP: You can use any number of things or just one item, it does not matter. Help your child cut out whatever they want into whatever shapes they want.  Glue the items on the paper plates to make a collage!

Fizzing Ice – You will need crushed or cubed pieces of ice in a bowl or bucket, vinegar, food coloring, medicine dropper, and baking soda. Mix vinegar and food coloring to make colored vinegar in little cups, next fill up a bucket with crushed or cubed ice, then, add some baking soda down into the mound and put some more ice on top of it. Have your child use a medicine dropper to grab some colored vinegar and squeeze the colored vinegar onto your ice mounds (covered in baking soda). The ice covered in baking soda will fizz up if not add a little more baking soda!  This is also a great way to work on colors (green and yellow make blue)!

Rock Coloring – You will need - Smooth rocks, Crayons and Foil lined baking sheet. Have fun looking for rocks and have your kids use crayons to color them all over random colors does not matter just want a nice thick layer of color onto the rocks. Place the colored rocks on your lined baking sheet and put into oven on 225 degrees for about 3 minutes.  Watch them close.  The wax should melt but not start to come off of your rocks.  Remove them from the oven and let cool! The color wax will sort of melt together and blend, then harden back up to a smooth, glossy finish! When cooled use them in the dirt of your potted plants for a touch of color, as paper weights, use waterproof glue put them together to make a garden caterpillar (use larger rocks for body and smaller ones for feet) paint on eyes and two small sticks for antennas!

Hole Puncher – cut out different shapes of card stock and have your child punch holes all the way around the shape with the hole puncher. When done you can give them pipe cleaner to feed through the holes or shoe laces, string, ribbon etc...

Paper Clips – Use colored paper clips and colored construction paper or card stock. Cut strips of the paper and then have your child match the colored paper clip to the paper and put the paper clip onto the paper!

Pipe Cleaners – put out a colander with a handful of pipe cleaners, have your child stick the pipe cleaners into the colander to make different designs.

Sand Writing Box -  use a hard plastic pencil box and fill half way with sand add a unsharpened pencil and practice writing letters, numbers, sight words, or to draw shapes!

Shapes – You will need tooth picks and marshmallows. Have your child create 2D and 3D shapes by sticking the tooth pick into the marshmallows at each end! See what they create or have them make letters or numbers!

Water Fun - You will need - tweezers, 2 bowls, water, and a sponge. SET UP: Fill one bowl with water, cut the sponge into small pieces and place into water. Give your child the tweezers and have them pick up a piece of the sponge and place it into the other bowl.  You can also use small plastic toys your child already loves!