Ball Activity – You will need - Masking tape, Playground ball, and Permanent marker. First, randomly stick strips of masking tape on a ball. On each strip, write a different rule for throwing and catching the ball, such as Standing on one leg, while jumping, overhead, backward etc… The game is played like regular catch, but once the first player grabs the ball, they must look at the words under or closest to the palm of her right hand/left hand/on top/on bottom (this can change to help learn positions). Then they throw the ball as directed -- and the second player has to try to catch it in the same manner. This is good for reading, gross motor, following directions, and learning positions! You can also play it where they read what was written do the action then throw the ball!

Balloon - You will need - balloons, sticks used for stirring paint (or rulers), paper plates and some tape.  SET UP: Blow up balloons and set aside.  Tape the sticks to the paper plates.  Now you are ready to play balloon tennis, or try throwing the balloon into the air and catching it on the plate, or see who can keep the balloon in the air without it touching the floor the longest!

Mopping in your Socks - .Remove the table from the room, Sweep the floor, Fill a shallow pan with soapy water, Put on some of Daddy’s socks and have fun stomping and sliding!

Obstacle Courses – create an obstacle course in your backyard using things you already have such as hula hoops, jump ropes, cones, large balls, jumpy balls, Frisbees, horse shoes, water bottles, empty boxes etc… use actions such as Stop and start, Throw, Hop, Run, Bounce, Jump, Skip, Crawl, etc… add ice or water hoses/sprinklers to stay cool!

Peanut - You will need - large box, packing peanuts and sand toys. SET UP: Fill the box about half full with packing peanuts and let your child climb on in with the sand toys and have fun!  You can also do this with puffed cereal!  This can get messy so we suggest placing a sheet on the floor for easy clean up!

Water Balloon Target Practice – Draw anything onto the side of your house (not by any windows) or on a fence with caulk and fill up water balloons! Have your child throw the water balloons at the targets and the water will clean off the chalk!  Make it educational by drawing a bunch of numbers then giving you child a math problem and they throw balloons at the answer or use sight words you call out the word and then the child throws at it!

Additional Gross Motor Activities - Jumping Jacks, Somersaults, Freeze Dance, Sit Ups, Rolling around on the floor