Animals - You will need your imagination!  Just think of different animals with your child and move like them! Some ideas include: Frog - get down and jump up! Elephant - put hands together and swing them back and forth! Snake - slither around on the floor! Bird - flap your arms!  Don't forget to make the sounds that these animals make!! Also good for Gross motor! Try doing it by not tell your child what animal just make the animal noise and they have to recognize what animal and walk like them!

Musical Drawing - You will need - music, paper and crayons. SET UP: Give the child the paper and crayons.  Show them that when the music is on, they can draw, and when the music goes off, they have to stop.

Shakers - You will need - plastic soda or water bottles, duct tape, rice, paperclips, dry beans and/or anything else you would like to use to fill the bottles with! SET UP: Fill the containers with whatever you have chosen to use and put the lid on and duct tape it shut!  Give the bottle to your child and let them shake away!! You can decorate a piece of construction paper and put it around the bottle with tape.  Make two of each and use construction paper around the bottles and have your child match the different sounds! Note you can also use pots & Pans with wooden spoons for drums! 

Sound Pattern Repeat - clap, whistle or hum sets of sounds, then have your child repeat you. Be sure to make soft, loud, high and low sounds.