• Blow Bubbles

  • Blow cotton balls off of a table into a bowl

  • Sailboat race – you will need - boat bath toys, straws, small child pool or Rubbermaid container – blow the boats using a straw across the container!  You could also make ice boats from water, ice cube tray, straw and construction paper – freeze water in tray about half way cut a straw into thirds and stick one into each ice cube and freeze the rest of the way. Take construction paper and cut out triangles then punch a hole in the top and bottoms. When ice cube are completely frozen put triangles you made on by placing the straw into the holes! (if you would like a bigger boat you could freeze water in a plastic cup)

  • Feather – try to keep a feather in the air for a minutes by blowing

  • Place a line of colored tape or regular masking tape will work. Have your child blow pompoms using a straw while trying to keep the pompom on the tape at all time to the end!

Licking Ice Cream - Who wouldn't enjoy this activity? Put some ice cream in a cone and let it melt a little. Then practice using just your tongue (no lips) to lick the dripping ice cream.

Mimic each other - See if you can copy each other's silly faces, keep a little mirrors handy so your child can see themselves and what they are doing!

Peanut Butter on the Lips - Rub some peanut butter on your lips and do your best to lick it all off. Make sure you apply the peanut butter from one corner of the mouth to the other. This will force the tongue to reach from side-to-side. *Never use this with anyone experiencing feeding, swallowing difficulties and or allergy to peanuts.

Straw – Use a straw to drink from remember the shorter the straw, the easier the task and the thicker the liquid, the more suction it takes!