Balloon Sensory Balls - You will need - balloons, funnel (you can make one out of a paper plate), salt, flour, rice, dried beans, sand, marbles or beads and of course whatever else you can come up with! SET UP: We suggest you "double up" the balloons for added strength, roll one balloon and slide it into the other. Blow up the balloon to stretch it and then add one ingredient into the balloon (about a cup worth). Squeeze out any extra air and then tie.  To add more texture, add a couple of ingredients into one balloon.  If your child enjoys putting things into his or her mouth, we would suggest that you keep these up high and out of reach and only play with them when you are able to keep a watchful eye!

Cool Whip Fun - You will need - Cool Whip, cookie sheet or tray, towel, food coloring (optional), small containers if using food coloring, and you can add things such as plastic toys, sponges, paintbrushes or whatever else you can come up with! SET UP: put a small amount of Cool Whip on the cookie sheet or tray and use it as a finger paint.  You can mix small amounts of cool whip with food coloring to make it colorful. A lot of people use shaving cream for this activity but we prefer the cool whip because if you get some in your mouth, it’s not a big deal! Practice Drawing letters and numbers

Flashlight - You will need - empty cereal box, pencil and a flashlight.  SET UP: Take the cereal box and use the pencil to poke holes in it all over.  Put the flashlight into the box and shine the light and see the light shine from all the different places! Alternative SET UP: Take construction paper and cut out different shapes that will fit onto the flashlight lens area and tape the shapes onto the lens.  Turn on the light and see what you get!!

Glow Sticks – place glow stick in water glasses dim the lights and tap glass it looks like laser light show!

Pud - You will need - cornstarch, water, cookie sheet and whatever your child's favorite plastic toys are! SET UP: Mix the cornstarch and water, about half and half.  Put onto cookie sheet or tray and have fun! Pud feels kind of hard as you pick it up, but turns into water and runs off your hands!  This can get messy but it wipes up with water.

Quicksand – You will need - 1 box of Cornstarch, 3 Cups of Play Sand (you can find a 25 pound bags under $5 at Walmart or Lowes) Water and a rubber maid container or small child’s pool! Part of the fun of this play recipe is mixing the ingredients.  You will explored all sorts of textures on our way to getting the perfect quicksand. Start by combining one box of cornstarch with three cups of play sand then add water a little at a time and watch the different textures you will get until you reach quicksand! (Note if you get too much it will evaporate in a few minutes and get thicker no worries and if gets to hard just add more water)

Note: Make your own Sandbox with 1 under bed storage box & sand!

Sensory Smelling Game - You will need – empty small spice container (washed and dried), cotton balls, and either different essential oils or extracts, address labels SET UP: Open the spice container, remove the shaker top and put one or two cotton balls in it. Add any scent you would like then put the shaker top back on and you are done!! For Matching Game you will need to make two of each smell and then label one of each smell and write matching numbers on the bottoms with a sharpie pen. Have the child smell all the labeled ones and then set aside, then have the child smell the ones without labels and try to match it to a labeled one. When done lift up and see if the numbers on the bottom match!!

Sensory Boxes - You will need - Rubbermaid container with a lid, and one or combine a couple (to make yet a different sensory experience) of the following dried beans, rice, noodles, corn kernels, dry cereal, nuts in their shells, shredded paper, and you can add things such as small plastic toys, spoons, cups and of course whatever else you can come up with! We suggest you lay a sheet on the floor first to help make cleaning up easier!!!

Sensory Steps – You will need – Cardboard, scissors, glue, sensory items that can be walked on such as (make up sponges, wash clothes, any kind of fabric, fake grass etc…) Just cut out any shape you would like out of the cardboard then glue on any of the sensory items you have and once dry you are done and have a sensory step!  If you are going to use them on wood floors or tile I would recommend you glue some slip-proof shelf-liner (rubber) onto the backs!

Texture – place items into a shoe box cut (with whole cut in the top) or bag and reach in, pick an object and try to guess what it is!

Visual Sensory Bottles - You will need - empty water bottles, glue/tape, rice, glitter, sand, beads, leaves, rocks, ribbon, gel and/or any trinkets that your child loves! SET UP:  add the trinkets into a water bottle fill with water or gel and then glue or tape the tops on tightly so that they do not leak or so your child cannot open them!!