Drip, Drip, Drench - This game is a lot of fun and the kids will Love it!  Play "Duck, Duck, Goose" with a sponge. Have the kids sit in a circle and one person is "it" first.  Walk around the circle, dripping the sponge on everyone's head saying drip, drip, drip until they get to the person they want to Drench, They say Drench and squeeze the sponge over them and drop it as they run to sit!

Clouds - Lie in the grass and take turns looking for shapes or pictures in the clouds.

Silly Questions - Go around and ask every family member at home the same silly question, and share the answers.

Photos - Look at some old family photos and name all the people in them.

Emotions - Practice making emotional facial expressions on cue with your child: neutral, happy, sad, fearful, angry, disgusted, and surprised.  Take turns and make it fun.

Note: set up short "plays/scenes" with son/daughter where they work can work on communication and role play how to act in certain social situations. Board games with a few individuals, to work on communication, fair play, and decision making.