Families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) often become isolated and do not participate in community activities. The following are just a few of the many reasons that this happens:

  • When a child first receives a diagnoses of having ASD, it causes the parents to focus all their time and efforts on the needs of their child. Parents spend countless hours researching and learning about ASD and all the different types of therapies available so that they may determine the best path for helping their child.

  • Their child’s “behavior” issues.

  • Lack of support.

  • Lack of Finances – Autism related therapies can become extremely expensive and most insurances do not cover the therapies needed.

  • Hard to talk with friends who have typically developing children – parents talk about all the accomplishments their children are making, which can be extremely hard for a parent who’s child was recently diagnosed with ASD. It is not that they are not happy for their friend’s child, it is simply devastating to watch their child fall further and further behind his typical peers.

The best thing a parent can do for themselves and for their child affected by ASD to avoid isolation is to join a support/networking group. Support/Networking groups can provide you with local resources, saving you endless hours of research. They can provide you with opportunities to meet and make new friends that are facing some of the same struggles you may be facing or connect you with parents that have been there, that can offer their advice and experience, and most importantly, gives you someone you can just talk to that will truly understand what you are going through. Some support/networking groups such as Making Connections ASD Networking Group (MC) will also offer Family Outings that help to get families out in the community together as a group to provide support and help prevent families from becoming isolated.

MC Family Outings offer a wide range of activities throughout the year. Some outings that we provide include:

Family Outings offers families affected by autism opportunities to get together out in the community to have and share some family fun! Family Outings may include a trip to the U.S. Space and Rocket Center, YMCA, and Sci Quest, etc.

Mom’s Night Out offers moms a night out to relax, meet and get to know other moms affected by autism. Mom’s Night Out may include dinner at a local restaurant or a game night. etc.

Dad’s Night Out offers dads a night out to relax, meet and get to know other dads affected by autism. Dad’s Night Out may include dinner at a local restaurant or a game night, etc.

MC Trunk or Treat Picnicoffers a family fun day out at a park with a Trunk or Treat, children activities and a picnic dinner!

Holiday Partiesoffer families affected by autism a fun, safe environment to share some holiday spirit. Some activities may include holiday crafts, games and sensory friendly Santa Claus, etc.